April-August 2001

28 August 2001

I got back from Los Angeles a week ago. It was a cool place and my hopes of moving there have increased. Since my return I have been working on a few things:

MX#04 is in the works. I know there are a few of you that have been waiting quite patiently for it. To appease you, I have posted a sample shot from the upcoming episode. You can see it here. It isn't a very long clip, but it does feature everyone's favorite squirrel.

Also, Drowning is now appearing on A new Prickles' Pouts is up and Installment 2 of The Chronicles of Cuteness should be up later this week.

1 August 2001

2 Updates in 2 Days!!!
Can this be true?!
Yup, I'm spoiling you bastard(s).

I was working on Drowning yesterday and realized after a few hours that I was finished. So, you should now go watch it. It is in the animation section.

Now begone.

31 July 2001

Wow! Only a month between updates, you say?
Hold on to your keisters folks. Ahem, folk.

Fourchinnigan Radio Theatre:
A nifty little site called live365 allows simpletons like you and I to host our own miniscule radio stations. What good is a bandwagon without Chinny begging to be let aboard. Thus, Fourchinnigan Radio Theatre was born. It is my own little radio station playing tunes I dig as well as my own noise blah (audio communism) and some old Sparkely V tunes. Check it out. I can fit up to 15 hours of music on their server and have used 7. I will add more from time to time. Note-works best if you have a broadband internet connection.

Other Poopy:
The storyboards to MX#04 are finished. They are twice the length the others were so it will be a wait. What I promise you, is the best episode yet. (I hope). I am currently in the process of making the backgrounds. Then will come the voices and finally-the animation. In the meantime, expect to see Drowning complete in the next few weeks. It is halfway finished as I type this.

Next Up-
The second installment of The Chronicles of Cuteness.
More videos in the video section.
The short animation known as Drowning.

Expect all of this and more before MX#04.
On a side note, today is Aaron Carter day in Baton Rouge. Hurrah!!!

Now away,
Chinny over and out...

28 June 2001

As promised,
the Downloads section is online. The first set of Fourchinnigan Productions wallpapers and a flash-based link button can be found there. More will be added throughout time and if there is a demand. The Ask Fuzzy & Prickles Section is finally ready. Send in more questions folks.

More Good News,
I can honestly say that MX#04 is in production. The plot summation is complete and I have began concocting the storyboards. Since I expect this one to take a while to make, I will probably add a previews section once things really get in motion to tease what is to come. Expect this: Better art-work, better animation, more frame-by-frame animation and possibly a few other things to spruce it up. Also, #04 introduces 8 new characters to the storyline, as well as Nameless' most taxing battle ever.

Until next time,
Chinny out.

20 June 2001

Stop rubbing your eyes,
This is indeed an update. Now the bad news (at least if you like MX): I have not yet begun work on Miracle Explosion #04. It and Drowning's release dates have been postponed indefinitely. For the last 2 months, I had been working constant overtime and Allison accosted us here in Louisiana which meant even more overtime (I work at a TV station). For now, I should have returned to a semi-regular schedule. Enough with the excuses, who cares about those? I will begin working on MX#04 this week. I have began some work on Drowning.

In other news,
Some updates have been made to the site throughout this time. The first installment of Prickle's Pouts, more mini-comics in the Jacket-Man section, more Ditch installments in the Lit section, and other minor adjustments have been made. I am adding a Downloads section with wallpapers and a link to banner next week. There will be another update in a few days.

8 May 2001

Greetings Chinny Molesters,
Here are the latest updates. The Fuzzy section is now online. A couple areas aren't ready yet, but the base is there. Prickles, Fuzzy's little brother is also a new member of the family. Forums have been added to the site. They are running on Prohosting for now because my host doesn't support perl and cgi with my package. There are still a couple of simple bugs in the forums, so bare with me. More links have been added to the links section and Prickles' email address has been added to the email section.

Next update will include the rest of the Fuzzy section, more Jacket Man mini-comics, and wallpapers. Stay Tuned.

11 April 2001

Greetings yon Bastards,
First Off: You must visit my new favorite site in the land of internetdom-Corpses For Sale

MX Episode #03 is appearing on this week in the Weekly Web Showdown. Go there and vote for it if you love me.

The Fuzzy section will hopefully be up and running in a week or so. I'm really looking forward to this, so you whores had better participate. Also, Miracle Explosion #04 is in the works. I just began sketching the Golem last night. I am considering delving into the dank world of scripting and programming and making a game based on MX. It will probably be at least a year before I could complete a good one and learn everything I'd need to make it. Thus, I am proposing a question to the folks who visit my world. What format should I use for this game:

Fighting (a la Street Fighter)
Side Scroller (Think Double Dragon)
Role-playing Adventure (Such as Final Fantasy)
Role-playing Action (Like Zelda or Mana)
Strategy (Final Fantasy Tactics Style)
Puzzle (Similar to Adventure of Lolo)
Other (A combo or something totally different)

Email me with a response and any suggestions. Tips and help would also be appreciated. I hope to start work on this within a month or so while working on Episode #04.

And while you are at it, go learn about those wretched

9 April 2001

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. In celebration, I had my palm read. After the "spirtualist" finished spitting in my face, she told me I would die a bastard much as I had been born one. She then tried to sell me the papers to her curvaceous 16 year old daughter. I purchased a Dreamcast from ebay instead.

There is a new threat to humanity. Save the world from Rubes.

3 April 2001

Welcome Chinnylovers,
The day has finally arrived. The all-new is online. Check out the Miracle Explosion section featuring the lastest episode: #03, as well as a history of the series, and character bios. Stop by the Jacket Man section and see the comic I hope to unveil in 2003. Peruse the Media section with all new material including audio and video. There is even a Fourchinnigan Music page at now. I have also added lots of info in the about section, a FAQ area, a large links library, and more. I do regret to mention that the Fuzzy section is still a little ways off. I am very excited about this section and its possibilities. Stay tuned to see what happens to our hapless bunny friend. Contact me via email to join or leave the mailing list and to leave feedback about the new site and MX#03. I have done my best to make a site that works well in all browsers and monitors, but it will look best at 800X600. Now, I am going to take it easy for a couple weeks. Expect more updates around that time. Expect MX#04 at the end of the summer. Enough!!! No more rambling. Delve deep into the recesses of