March-May 2002

9 May 2002

2002 Cartoonists' Choice Awards:
Do you have an online comic? If so, join the CC Awards. You will be allowed to nominate various webcomics in multiple categories and you will be included in the voting process. If you have been enjoying Mr. Fourchinnigan & think it deserves an award for "best newcomer" or whatnot, I will not cry if you nominate me. ;) More info can be found here.

Character Designers Needed:
One of this websites friendly visitors, Joe Park, is attempting to create an animated series entitled "Jesus Cubed." He is looking for help with the character designs. Find out more here if you are interested. Joe is also considering creating MX model kits. If this sounds like a good idea to you, stop by this thread and let him know.

MX#05 Animation Begins:
I have finally started animating Miracle Explosion Episode #05. I will be posting a previews page some time next week. I will update it from time to time with screen caps and short clips. Maybe even a little audio. Stay tuned.

Now go enjoy the world and keep off the computer a little more, you damn dorks.

15 April 2002

Greg Whyte Wins!
The MX Fan-Art Contest has ended
Thanks to all who voted. It was a close race, but Greg pulled ahead in the end and took the prize. He will receive a prize from one of the MX stores of his choice. Stop by the fan-art section and revel in his art again. Then take another look at the other great entries.

Fan-Art Contest Results:
The voting has ended. Greg Whyte is the winner of the contest with his spectacular color rendition of MX's primary heroes. Go take a look at the results and all the entries. It was a damn close race. For awhile, I thought it would be a tie.

Other Goodies:
As always, a new Mr. Fourchinnigan strip went up today, as well as this month's featured website. I also threw up the first in the long line of videos to come. Mr. Satan & the Coswell Kids went up Saturday night. Last week, I also posted Adi-my 4 page submission to the 2002 EXPO and the Crow Clock animation I made a month or so ago. All three are in the Media:Visual section.

Later this week:
Cait Kitty will be joining the Forest of Friends. Hopefully, another Jacket Man mini-comic will be added also. Depends on if I get around to scanning and posting it. That's enough jibber-jabber for now.

13 April 2002

I've started adding video to the Media section as promised. I am still learning about internet video options so expect filesizes to shrink and quality to grow the more I experiment. The first entry is Mr. Satan & the Coswell Kids, a news story about Satan's children's show being cancelled. Good stuff, go watch now!

11 April 2002

New New New:
Howdy, pardners. There is some new stuff on this here dot com website. Each year in Washington D.C., an independent comic convention is held called the EXPO. Simultaneously, an anthology of short works by various artists is published. This year's theme is biography.I procrastinated and finally had to throw together a submission over the last week in much less time than I had hoped. The end product is not up to the quality I was hoping to achieve, but it is still fairly nice. Next year, perhaps I will not procrastinate. Thus, my submission known as Adi is currently in the mail. Hopefully, it will be printed in this year's anthology. You can read it now and online in the Media:Visual section. I have also added a short animation I made a month or so ago called Crow Clock. You can also watch it in the Media:Visual section. The new Mr. Fourchinnigan strip did go up Monday. It is in COLOR!

Ahoy, Ahead:
VOTE VOTE VOTE! The contest ends on April 15. Get your vote in now. Rasta Penguin has joined the FOF and expect Cait Kitty to hop onboard some time next week. I should hopefully have a new video up in a week or so. The voices for MX#05 are ready and the animation begins soon. Next week, I will begin preproduction work for the Uncle Clowny Comic and Larry Lizer children's book. More info on both to come in the near future. I think that is all for now.

Check back Monday for a new Mr. Fourchinnigan strip, a new featured website, and the winner of the contest.

1 April 2002

April Fool's:
I was going to write a long entry about how I was no longer going to be doing Miracle Explosion and that I would be scrapping the website. Then I realized that the joke would be on me instead when everyone quit coming here forgetting what today is. Speaking of which, in France it is apparently April Fish Day™ and you paste paper fish to people's backs like "kick-me" signs in hopes of humiliating your brethren. They'd use real fish, but they are afraid the Frenchmen would notice the scent assuming someone had spilled cologne down their back. HAHAHAHA!!! Get it, hahaha.....anyway...

There hasn't been an update in a few weeks. Yes, I am aware. Well, that changes today. The new Mr. Fourchinnigan strip is up like they have been every Monday since I started the series. Hope you bastards are enjoying it. Rasta Penguin has joined the Forest of Friends and Cait Kitty will be jumping on the bandwagon soon. The new Featured Website is up, Busta Toons. Check him out. His toons are worth the download even for you archaic dial-up types. If you missed the last feature, Modern Tales---check them out as well. Support your fellow artists, dickheads. It looks like the voices for MX#05 may be recorded in a real sound studio, not in my bitch-ass living room. This will hopefully make a BIG difference in audio quality for the next episode. I'm also working on a 4 page comic short to submit to the EXPO anthology. Let's hope I finish it in time and they publish it. Also, Jacket Man is probably going to be pushed aside like a red-headed stepchild yet again. I have decided to start work on my true "baby comic project," Uncle Clowny. More on that in the future. It will be about a quarter the length the Jacket Man book is supposed to be so hopefully that means it will be out sooner.

Yes, the winner of the contest was to be announced today. This morning, there were only 72 total votes. I do not want to declare a winner without topping 100. So, the voting will continue until April 15th when it will end regardless of vote count. This means everyone is able to vote twice more before it ends.

Toodles suckas

12 March 2002

The second Mr. Fourchinnigan strip is up. Hope you whores are enjoying it. Submissions for the MX Contest will not be accepted after Friday, March 15. You have 3 days. After that, the voting begins. The MX bios will hopefully be coming soon. Arrrghhh, too much shit to do! The Forest of Friends are still having a few problems. Mudafuken Koala has been posting. Icky Bear and Prickles should be able to any day now.

Who needs enemies, when you have friends like I do. My bastard buddy, Steven Julius Achord sent me his MX fan-art submission. Here it is. A masterpiece, no? Regardless, he redeemed himself a few days later by sending me a link to this huge (99Meg) download. To sum it up, it involves Mr. T, self-confidence, kids, and breakdance. Thanks to this vid, my interest in Breakin' has been rekindled. I have now made it my goal to finally learn to break. I have vids in the mail, but any outside information or assistance is GREATLY appreciated. Just email me.

Etronics, whom I despise (more on this in a few days) finally sent me my editing equipment. Thus, once I get acquainted with everything, expect a boom in the number of videos available in the Media section. Just to show you guys I am working on it, here is a short clip I quickly digitized while testing out the goods. It is low quality and blahblahblah, the rest won't be. I just wanted to give you all proof that I AM working. I hope you all can see it, it is in a somewhat odd format.


4 March 2002

Mr. Fourchinnigan:
The comic that follows the exploits of the one and only Mr. Fourchinnigan debuts today. I'm sure no one noticed that I sneaked it online this weekend earlier than I was supposed to. Check back every Monday for a new strip.

Forest of Friends:
The first two additions to the forest are online. Meet Icky Bear and Mudafuken Koala. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty with Blogger at the moment so they have not been able to post. Check back soon. Then, you shall have the opportunity to stare into their warped realities.

Other Stuff:
The Robot Frank series is still in the works. Each member of our team is spitting out a short to get a feel for the characters and such. Mine is posted in the forums as well as a hilarious ballet piece by _altr_. Visitors to NG or the all-new know who the Clock Crew are. I am in the process of making a short movie which should be online fairly soon. I am also recording voices for a couple flash shorts by different animators. I'll keep you all updated as to when these animations grace the internet.

New Featured Website on the 1st & 15th of every month
New Mr. Fourchinnigan strip each Monday
All New MX bios coming very soon
Only 11 More Days to enter the CONTEST!

Toodeloo, folks.