June 2002-February 2003

28 February 2003

Some of you may have noticed this site has been down for almost two weeks. I was stuck in the process of renewing the domain and switching hosts. This site is now hosted by Bravidio, the same guys that host the Clockrew site. This will hopefully mean the site will be more reliable and speedy this year. I have finally upgraded the forums to a much better php system. Hopefully, that means a few people will actually use them now. If you haven't noticed yet, MX#06 is online and it is getting good press over at NG. Well, get to checking out new stuff and quit reading this crap.

11 February 2003

Well, I finally uploaded How Crow Clock Stole Xmas to my server. I finished this a week before Christmas for a contest over at So, it has been seen there and at Newgrounds, but I am only now placing it here. Why? I just got around to it. So, if you haven't seen it---Go Watch. Who cares if it is Christmas or not?

In other news, Mr. Fourchinnigan is back on schedule. I started posting again on the 4th. Nothing too terribly exciting has happened in the last two installments, but in a few weeks, the Roomies story-arc ends and the next begins. It will be entitled "Neighbors" or "Rent" depending on which route I decide to take. Enjoy.

28 January 2003

This place has been a barren wasteland all month. I know. No new Chinny strips and no new MX. I'm still awaiting the music for MX#06. I haven't been able to contact Mike for a month. Hopefully he is still working on it and will be done soon. I can't really guarantee anything, but it will be online when I finally get the audio. I'll start posting new Mr. Fourchinnigan strips next week. I was back home in Louisiana for the holidays. When I returned to California I got sick for a few weeks. I also received a Playstation 2 for Christmas from my girlfriend. Thus, I decided to take a month off from everything. The month is almost up and I've almost beat FFX so it will be business as usual soon.

26 November 2002

I have four polls for you people to fill out here. Please do them and give me some feedback. Thanks. For the update poll, choose two different days. Thanks.

21 November 2002

Things don't always fall into place as planned. Regardless, I have posted my projected new projects for the next year. You can learn all about them, here. Unless something occurs to persuade me otherwise, I will not be working on Miracle Explosion during 2003. Episode #06 will debut next month. It ends the first Act of the series and signals a time for me to take a break and work on other projects. I will be compiling the CD-ROM during this year and working on two fully-animated shorts. One will be a Bhropian short and the other will involve the past of The Nameless One. They are intended for the festival circuit and will take heaps of time to complete. The MX section will continue its updates with character profiles as well. So while I take a break from the series, I haven't escaped the world. I will be focusing more heavily on comics work and my children's book. It is all detailed in the year ahead link. The new Jacket Man comics should also make their debut online throughout the next year. I have two other comic series I may begin work on as well.

2003: The Year Ahead

Uncle Clowny: (48pg Graphic Novel)
A young man's life changes drastically after accepting a position entertaining children in the guise of the clown. Yet, when halls become drowned in laughter, marionettes deliver riddles, and obsession becomes reality; the boy will die and only Uncle Clowny will remain. The seeds of clownish destiny have been sown. Everything you know about clowns is wrong.

Other Projects:
'Bhropian' & 'The Nameless One':
Development of 2 fully-animated shorts for the festival circuit based on characters from MX will begin.
Jacket Man:
Completion of the 6 initial issues will continue and begin appearing online as single issues.
Larry Lizer & the Magic BBQ:
Illustration of my Children's book 8 years in the works should begin as publisher's are sought.
Development/distribution of the MX ACT I CD-ROM will hopefully occur before the year's end.

Mr. Fourchinnigan MAY jump to 2 strips per week.

28 October 2002

For those of you who don't know, today is indeed my birthday. I have attained that magical age of 25. Most of my day has been spent fighting with a clogged toilet. Living in the mountains is nice, but water pressure sucks. Gifts and donations can be sent to this address. Ha ha ha ho ho you've never seen anyone pull that before on their birthday. What originality! Age hasn't harmed me yet! Whoa, that was so terribly hilarious. (sigh)

Stuff you may actually care about:
The MX section has been redesigned. It isn't beautiful, but it is much better than the old lame version. It has new features and interactive character bios. I will be adding every character slowly, but surely. Also, if you click movie in a character's bio right now-you will see a few clips of said character from various episodes. These little movies will eventually be replaced with mini-documentaries about each character. Cool stuff! MX#06 is coming along rather well. One quarter of the animation is done. At best, it will be out at Christmas time. More than likely, it will be out in late January. Oh and the Gilbert Gottfried thing is not a joke. Get used to it, it will be on this page for a long time.

Time to go celebrate proper like. Later.

4 October 2002

Watching early episodes of Miracle Explosion now is somewhat painful. I created the first episode just over two years ago. It needed a facelift so I gave it one. I have revamped the graphics, tweaked some of the animation, upped the audio, and reworked the open and end. I even added a little "Bear Theme" music video. Go check it out. Yes, I will be doing this with episodes #02 and #03 sometime in the near future.

Aloha Oi.

23 September 2002

It has been over a month, but Mister Fourchinnigan is back. The new story-arc, Roomies begins today. It will be updated every Monday as it was before. Go read today's new strip and check out the first story-arc to refresh yourself with the storyline (if you can call it that).

A few days ago, I added a Portfolio section to the site. This is the online version of the crap I am flinging around Los Angeles hoping for work. If you wanna take a look, do so and let me know what you despised and the two things you liked.


12 September 2002

There is a new Mr. Fourchinnigan strip online. It is not the beginning of the Roomies Story-arc. That is still a few weeks away. It is a Sunday-size political strip. I usually avoid political statements of this nature, but the 9-11 anniversary reminded me of how some things have been handled over the last year. I have been proud of many developments and very let down by others. Enjoy.

28 August 2002

Good News:
I have been in Los Angeles for three weeks now. My girlfriend and I moved into a place in Pasadena called Waterstone Apartments. Rent is high, but the place is very cool. It has huge Koi ponds and fountains and our one bedroom apartment is pretty large. We've done the DMV, the bank, etc. We are all setup now, except for work. I have cable internet access again and use of a computer, thus I am updating this site. I like it here so far.

Bad News:
Adi didn't make it into the Expo Anthology. It isn't my best work by any stretch and I am not an established artist so I understand. I suppose I'll try harder next year. I have to start looking for work. I am in an enormous city where there are many people more qualified for the jobs I want. It is intimidating. I have to stop dragging ass and get to looking. Yipe.

The Chinny:
I have noticed my drawing abilities have been waning over the last few years because I have been spending too much time in Flash and Photoshop. I have vowed to draw at least a little everyday to improve upon them. September is drawing near and I hope to start churning out new Mr. Fourchinnigan comics before the end of that month. I have decided to stop updating the Featured Websites unless someone out there wants to do it for me. I am making 2 more Flash movies before I break from it for a long time: They are Robot Frank episode 1 and MX#06. After that, the work begins on the Nameless short and various comic projects including Uncle Clowny and Finite. I'll post more later.

Peace out.

19 July 2002

Today was my last day on the job. I am no longer a newsgraphics guy for WBRZ. It was both a happy and somewhat sad occasion kind of like a breakup. Anyway, there is no turning back now. I leave for Los Angeles in a little over 2 weeks. MX#05 is coming very soon. I am awaiting the finalized music and I still need to add some more sound effects. If you haven't noticed, all 11 1/2 original Jacket-Man mini-comics are now online. They are old and cheaply produced, but fun. Also, the first story arc of Mr. Fourchinnigan is now complete. Go check it out in its entirety. Until next time.

1 June 2002

The Plan:
My girlfriend and I have decided to finally move to California. Louisiana is not the place for us and the longer we put off leaving, the less likely we will be to ever leave. Thus, in early August, we are packing our belongings and leaving. At the moment we have no jobs or living arrangements set up. We will likely spend the month of August finding a home and decent employment. Why am I telling you this, read on:

The Effects:
I am leaving my computer to my roommate. I will have minimal computer access and possibly no internet access for up to a month. I will also be quite busy with finding work and living arrangements. This site will probably be dead for all of August. There will probably be no updates after July until September. I am cutting back on my workload now to get ready. The featured website is now on hold. The Mr. Fourchinnigan comic-strip will also be on hold after strip #20. This will be the conclusion of its first story arc: Lodgings. I am devoting all my website time to completing Miracle Explosion #05. I am not promising it will be finished before August, but I am trying my damnedest. IF it is not ready by August, it will probably debut some time in late September when it goes online. I am really trying to avoid this.

The Far-future:
Here is what is in store for this site after I get situated in California. After MX#05 is ready, I will begin work on Robot Frank episode #01. I expect that project to take 4-8 weeks. After this, I will complete MX#06. This concludes the first act of the MX saga. Currently-this the rundown for MX. Act I will be episodes 01-06. Act II will be episodes 07-14. Act III will be episodes 15-20. Episode 20 will be the final episode of the series. After Act I is complete, I will begin compiling the CD-ROM. It will have all 6 episodes on it and many extras. During this time, I will also be working on the Uncle Clowny comic book, a few other comic works, and the Nameless One short. The Nameless One short is going to be my biggest project yet. It will not be presented in Flash. I will have a fair quality video version of it online. I intend on entering it in festivals so it should be my best animation ever. It will be a combination of 3D animation and 2D animation with quality sound. I expect it to take 1-2 years especially since I know only the basics of 3D animation. After episode #06, MX will probably be on hold for a year. <gasp> After that break, I shall return to it hard-core! Act II has a lot of good things in store. Act I will hopefully pale in comparison.

Stick around, folks. Things are hopefully looking up. Any info about Cali anyone cares to share is appreciated. Now move along while we clean up this mess.