Fourchinnigan Productions is the multimedia empire of one man. Its roots are deep. Read more below:


The inception of Fourchinnigan Productions is a hazy morass of past entities. This story begins during my senior year of high school (late 1994-early 1995). A couple of my friends who were musically-inclined decided to start the worst band they could compile with the ludicrous misnomer: Sparkely Vagina. Thus, myself along with a few other friends who also had no musical abilities joined. Appropriately, we were all to have alter-egos. In the beginning: there were six- Merle Bacon, Zorphamackx, Fourchinnigan, M.C. Foreskin, Selloutagus Buzzbandophagus (or Selloutophagus Buzzbandagus), and Dix Biggzly. Later, there would be other lackluster additions to replace various members.

There is no true reason... besides perhaps subconscious machinations. Merle Bacon was creating a flier for the future shows we would play (In the end there were all of 4-and this can be debated depending upon one's definition of "play" or "show"), and I yet to have a name. It was, although known from the beginning that I would wear a bag on my head. Merle asked me for a name and the first words to come out were- Fourchinnigan: The Hidden Face of Beffudlement. Fourchinnigan stuck, the superfluous words faded away, and my alter-ego was born.


Seeing as Sparkely Vagina had but three members with any form of musical knowledge and six or more members at any given time, it was destined that we would attempt to branch out in other directions. The fact that we all wore costumes and had stage-names only contributed to this further. With a Hi-8 video camera and overzealous imaginations we began the process of creating Sparkely Vagina: The Movie- a 2 1/2 hour phallus-ridden spectacle sharing the story of the super-beings which composed this mockery of a band as they attempted to save Earth from the intergalactic Chroma-cock which had destroyed their home planet. Needless to say, it was never completed nor was the band ever intended to actually play music in the movie. As we decided to branch out with more movies (all considerably shorter and equally non-sensical) Sparkley Productions was born.

During the days of Sparkley Productions, we produced roughly 30 or so short movies, many of which were never completed and even more which never moved beyond some semblance of a script. As I moved away to college and began to see the Sparkely crew less and less, it seemed foolish to continue using the name Sparkley Productions for my sole ventures. Thus, maintaining the name Fourchinnigan- I decided to found Fourchinnigan Productions: an all-encompassing one-man company where all my interests could be exploited. Having finally purchased a computer in January of 2000 and becoming smitten with flash, I decided to tackle the internet. Fourchinnigan Productions popped up on a few various banner-drowning free-sites in various incarnations. In February of 2001, I finally purchased the fourchinnigan.com domain giving Fourchinnigan Productions its current home.

First Sparkely Vagina Live Performance
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