Where did the name Fourchinnigan originate?
I am asked this question more than any. The best explanation I can offer can be read in the About section of this site.

What is Fourchinnigan Productions?
It is the name I attach to all of my individual creations. It is essentially a one man company I use to pursue all of my creative interests.

What did you use to make this site?
I constructed this site primarily using
Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, most
of my free time, and by entirely neglecting
my girlfriend.

Why does Fourchinnigan wear a bag on his head?
He finds this to be a very touchy topic and I would advise never mentioning it again.

What sort of stuff will I find on this site?
Comics, animation, video, audio, and any other minute facet of life Fourchinnigan thinks he can exploit.