September 2001-February 2002

25 February 2002

Uncle Fatso
Let us start on a non-site note. On the 18th (last week), I became an uncle. Yes, my little brother who isn't 19 just yet is now a father. I am now Uncle Jason or Uncle Fatso as my brother says he shall have the baby call me. Watching my little brother boil baby bottles and wearing scrubs is as surreal as life can get.
Forest of Friends Applications!
That's right, the Applications for the Forest of Friends are now available. The sooner you folks start applying, the sooner the warped community can start to flourish. Everything you need to know is in the Forest section. Email [email protected] if you have any questions. I had to learn a little Cold Fusion to get this crap working properly so you hoes betta recognize.
One of the numerous perks of my new host is access to intricate statistics. I know who is coming to this site, where they live, what browsers you guys use. I know how much time you are spending here, what you are viewing. It's great. It even calculates your sexual fetishes and favorite flavor of penguin. Anyway, I have been pretty happy with the results. A lot more people visit this site than I expected. In this first week on being back online, there have been nearly 900 visitors. Almost 200 of you come back. That may be pretty measly, but it is A LOT more than I expected.
There is more fan-art up. I am starting to feel like a hack next to some of the talent that is coming through here. Also, check out the little Robot Frank short I made. It is in the forums for now. If you don't know who Robot Frank is, go here. You'll never be the same.

I'm off to work on Mr. Fourchinnigan and eat.

19 February 2002

I'm Back! Fourchinnigan Productions is back online and hopefully stronger. I have transferred to a new host which gives me many more capabilites, features, and 20 times the disk-space I had before for just a little more $ each year. As you can see, the site has been completely redesigned. I hope this is for the better. Everything is operational (as far as I know). The only problem so far has been the loss of the old posts in the forums. Lots of new stuff! New fan-art section and contest. If this goes over well, there will be more in the future. The forums have been upgraded with avatars and new features. There is a new Features section which highlights Miracle Explosion, Jacket Man, and Mr. Fourchinnigan (a weekly/biweekly comic-strip starting late next month). I've added new wallpapers and banners in the downloads section. I will begin accepting applications for the Forest of Friends very soon (more info to come later). On the 1st and 15th of each month, there will be a new website highlighted in the featured website area (down to your left). Check out the first installment. Monkey Kingdom is A+ stuff. Screw it! Take a look around and quit reading this. Also, please let me know if you see any broken links, spelling errors, etc.? Enjoy and drop me a line.

21 December 2001

As a lot of you know, I am redesigning the site and getting new hosting in a couple months. I need input and you will give it. Take the survey (it only takes 2 or 3 minutes) and help me make this site stupendous! If you haven't already, go watch MX#04. Vote or review it on Newgrounds.

16 December 2001

It is finally done. It is 5:00am. I am tired. This cool guy did the music.
Just go watch it and buy merchandise. The new crap is linked at the end of the movie.
You can see it at Newgrounds as well. You can also read about the creative process here.

3 December 2001

The debut of Miracle Explosion Episode #04 is only a couple weeks off, but the merchandise is available now. Visit Store1 or Store2 and get your t-shirts and other MX paraphernalia now. No, I said 'now'. Also, I will be releasing another line of crap on the same day as MX#04's premiere. Stay tuned.

Anyway, if you haven't already, read the post beneath this one and let me know what you think. Also, let me know what other merchandise you'd like to see and which characters you want... be they MX-related or not.

See you in 2 weeks.

18 November 2001

MX#04: Aggression:
5 minutes are finished. I am working on page 11 of the 16 page storyboards. After the animation is done, all that is left is adding music & sound effects and building the preloader (which will have bios and such for you all to read while you wait). My current estimate is that the completed episode will be right under 7 minutes and will premiere sometime between December 14 & 25. The last peek before the premiere is here. MX t-shirts will be on sale shortly before episode #04 goes online.

Thanks to you folks who helped out, I have found a few hosts who fit the needs of this website. Therefore, in February, will move to its new home. I am hoping to debut a new layout simultaneously.

Answer these questions:
What would you like to see change about the current layout? What should remain the same? I will probably have the entire site take on the grey color scheme and drop the purple, blue, etc. Should I do this? Would you like to see more flash-based pages and interactive menus? Blah blah blah, what other suggestions do you have?

23 October 2001

MX#04: Aggression:
I have been working steadily. The first four minutes are animated. It looks like this episode will be nearer to eight minutes when it is completed. I made a 50 second teaser trailer set to the old MX theme song from #02. You can watch it here. It is only a tiny sampling of what is completed and what is to come.

The Year 2002:
I have been thinking about the year ahead and what I would like to accomplish within that year. Here are a few of the things I would like to do:

Jacket Man: I haven't worked on this in well over a year. I want to finish all six issues (1 1/2 are done now) before the end of next year. I have been planning to do this and publish them as one large graphic novel (or TPB). I hope to have these available for sale by the end of next year or the beginning of 2003.
Miracle Explosion: I have no intent of neglecting my series. Expect 2-4 more episodes in 2002. I am also considering making a side animation about Nameless. It would be about his life before MX without giving away too much about his background. This is not a definite yet.
Mr. Fourchinnigan: I am thinking of adding a weekly (or bi-weekly) comic strip to the site. It would be about the life of my original alterego- Fourchinnigan, the Hidden Face of Befuddlement. It would revolve around the everyday life of a very courteous and misunderstood masked serial killer. I haven't decided whether it should be in black-and-white, color, or B&W + red.
The Rest: I am hoping to overhaul the site again some time next year. I want to change the look while keeping some of the base components of the current incarnation. I intend to maintain the rest of the site as well-Fuzzy and such. I am also hoping to add a lot more video to the video section (higher quality).

Currently, this site is hosted by ireg. They have done a nice job, but this site is expanding quickly. I am running out of webspace for all the content. If anyone knows of fairly inexpensive hosts with large disk allotment, little downtime, and decent bandwidth---LET ME KNOW. Please. The hosting agreement for the site ends in February.

11 October 2001

No Update in a month.
Well, I haven't been slacking this time. I have actually been working on Miracle Explosion #04. Close to two minutes have been completed. I will be posting a teaser trailer in a week or two. I am expecting to release the episode before Christmas. Ho ho ho. The next preview can be seen here.

On a side note. I spend a lot of time at Newgrounds. Recently, MX received its own page in the series section. It is all thanks to Icarus32 and this thread he started. Also, you can see a representation of me engage in some homosexual activity in this movie made by a Newgrounds user. If you don't spend a lot of time on the NG BBS, then you won't find any of it to be funny. But, hey...who doesn't want to see Chinny take it like a bitch?

Until next time...

10 September 2001

Later than advertised, but here nonetheless.

The second installment of Fuzzy's Chronicles of Cuteness is ready for your reading pleasure.

On a related note, I was able to hold my breath for 2 minutes and 1 second today underwater. Hurrah.

Also, as pointed out by Ascendent in the Chinny Forums, Drowning is currently (maybe not any longer once you read this) in the Top 20 best reviewed movies of Newgrounds.

Enough for now.