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Saving the Universe

Behold, this weekend I have solved the problem of global warming!
Tax breaks for rooftop gardens.

I have also solved the dilemma of youths purchasing online products without a credit card!
Banks, Paypal, whoever wants to make a lot of money should begin offering childrens’ accounts to parents already members of their organization. Automatically or at will, parents can deposit money into their child’s account. Attached to this account is a virtual debit card. Children (I’m mainly thinking teen and pre-teen) can use this virtual debit card to purchase items online. The card will be recognizable as a child’s card meaning no purchasing of porn, firearms, alcohol, and other fun things. The card is attached only to the child’s account, not the parent’s.

Were I a man with knowledge or interest in any of these industries, I would flit away and become very wealthy.
Instead I share these amazing ideas so that one of you (yes, you!) may become wealthy in my stead.
Godspeed lads and lassies!

An initial response

I began reading Richard Dawkin’s The God Delusion this weekend.
So far, I mostly agree with many of his points and I am enjoying the treatise, yet I do have a reaction to his agnosticism rants in chapter two.

He states that many agnosts claim the ability to prove or disprove a god’s existence to be moot, that it reaches beyond the scope of science. Dawkin’s argument is that this should be a temporary form of agnosticism. That science advances and things we find beyond the scope of science quickly move into its realm. He cites the once believed inability to (ever) quantify the components of stars as an example. I do not disagree with this. I also do not disagree that at some point science may be able to provide an answer to a god’s existence within a small margin of error. Yet, I think it most probable larger hurdles will continually appear along that path.

Socrates is alleged to have said something to the effect of “I know that I do not know.” In essence, the more one learns, the more he/she becomes aware of what is unknown. Effectively, the more knowledgeable one is, the more ignorant he/she is as well. This seems aptly true in the world of science. Newton’s revelations about gravity answered many questions about the physical universe, but it created even more quandaries with its “discovery.” I doubt any suspected at the time that new branches of science would need to be created to further comprehend the most basic tenets of gravity. Quantum physics and Astrophysics both deal with a gravity foreign to Newton. His laws are practically useless in regards to the ridiculously enormous and unimaginably minute. Gravity behaves very differently between subatomic particles than it does on the human level and yet again differently between stars and galaxies. So too will it be with the quest for an ethereal creator.

As science continues to delve into the confounding principles of physics, our universe grows stranger, more complex, more alien. The possibilities of what can constitute an omnipotent god change and multiply. Most likely we are unaware of various physical laws that must be considered in making this decision. Perhaps, our entire concept of physics will shift as it has done in ages past. Maybe mankind will be eradicated long before making the necessary discoveries to prove or disprove supernatural creation. The physical world is not the only shaped by evolution. Collective thought, society, and science are as well. This is their strength.

There are no absolutes (foregoing change).
Yes I believe the probability of “no god” outweighs the possibility of “yes god.”
Yet, like Sagan, I reserve judgment until the facts are in.
That it is why when pressed by those that insist on classification, I still call myself “agnost.”

Eau de Toilet

The muses visited me today and I have foreseen the future. An amateur scientist will create a food supplement that causes fragrant feces and flatulence. One pill a day assures you nicely scented bowel movements up to three per day. Any more than that and you may need a higher dose. When releasing gas, you will fill the room with the sweet scent of honeysuckles or perhaps periwinkle. The choice is yours.

Hand me the SARS lozenges, please

From the Los Angeles Times:
A glamorous drug, an illness, a very public battle
By Gina Piccalo, Times Staff Writer

Even before “Mr. Botox” returned from Europe to take the stand and Vanna White showed up, the judge braced the jury for something special. “You’ll remember this for a long time,” he said.

Indeed, history is being made this month in Los Angeles County Superior Court, as Botox goes on trial for the first time in its brief but glamorous life as America’s favorite antiwrinkle treatment.

Hollywood socialite Irena Medavoy, wife of film producer Mike Medavoy, is suing celebrity dermatologist Arnold Klein and Botox’s manufacturer, Allergan Inc., claiming the drug caused myriad illnesses, including a four-month migraine so severe it left her bedridden, barely able to lift her head from the pillow.

(blah blah blah….the article continues for a long time from here…blah blah blah)

Botox is fucking botulism. People are injecting themselves with botulism to rid wrinkles. The wrinkles disappear because they can’t handle botulism. Botulism kills people. What the fuck do these people expect when they fill their bodies with BOTULISM? I can’t wait until 2046 when I read a similar article about people becoming surprisingly sick from the new diet fad, AIDS.