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Island Jaunt

I’ve reached that point in my life where most of my friends are moving into or approaching their forties. A couple of weeks ago, a group of us celebrated Steven’s crossing of the 40 threshold on Santa Cruz Island in California’s Channel Islands. It’s the biggest of the islands and one I hadn’t visited before. It was a day of boat riding, hiking, snorkeling, and watching a kayaker be evacuated after injuring himself in a sea cave. I’d like to return with a kayak to explore the caves and remote beaches. While hiking around, we were lucky to stumble upon one of the islands adorable endemic foxes. Unfortunately, the only shot I was able to get of the pup wasn’t a very interesting one. Below are a few of the more decent photos I took from throughout the day.

Channel Islands

I have been wanting to visit the Channel Islands for some time now. They are a group of islands off the coast of Ventura that are part of a natural reserve. In other words, you can’t live or build there, but you can visit and camp. Erika and I took a trip to the closest island, Anacapa today. It was her first time on a boat and it was a hell of a way to be introduced. The waters were quite choppy and the trip was fairly wet. Sometimes spray would splash across the upper deck. Anacapa is a beautiful place. I hope to go camping, kayaking, and snorkeling on one of the other islands in the near future, probably Santa Cruz. On that one, you get to take a small skiff with all your supplies over the waves and onto the beach and you’ll probably get very wet.

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