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U-Stall—-so very clever-hahahaha—–death come soon to me

It’s been a week of parties, puppet shows, and more. Brooks has begun his move to the Hollywood Hills. We loaded up a U-Haul with some of his stuff today. Big surprise it wouldn’t start. We finally got it going after an hour and his stuff is now in its new home. The funny (read shitty) thing is last year when we were all moving to Burbank, the U-Haul broke down on us in the middle of Hollywood and it took 3 hours for them to get us back in action. I sincerely do not plan to use U-Haul anymore. They are crap. Jennifer and I are moving to a sweet pad in Glendale at the end of the month. I’m thinking Ryder, Budget, or someone else is the way to go.  

The 100th Mr Fourchinnigan comic-strip is coming very soon. Keep the lids peeled.