Unintended Journal Sabbatical

So it seems 15 months have passed since I last updated this journal. Much has transpired in those months, though this corner of web-space would seem to insinuate otherwise. Embedded above is my annual GoPro compilation that I usually post at the start of a new year. I’ll be compiling the newest one over the next week or so to post on the heels of this one. I am also going to attempt to put a few entries together highlighting some of the events of this year.

The biggest news of the year: Erika and I are engaged. After 12 years, I finally broke down and asked her to marry me. Then promptly disappeared on my bicycle for 4 days.

Below is a quick list of some of the events from this year that I may delve into further in additional posts:

  • My broken wrist never fully healed, but appears to be fully functional despite that.
  • A group of us had a grand adventure in Chiapas in January descending a cave/canyon, trashwhacking, deciphering a Mexican emergency room, shirtcocking, and failing to navigate customs properly.
  • I finally swallowed my pride and joined a bouldering gym (and promptly injured my ankle a few months later).
  • My 12 year old car died and I finally bought an AWD SUV.
  • We (Butcher Bird Studios) released our first feature, Better Off Zed.
  • I rode my bike lots of miles including a 4 day solo bike tour from Big Sur to Los Angeles (technically Fillmore).
  • I took a rad 3 week roadtrip around the West taking me places such as a fiery Yosemite, numerous bike trails, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Jump Canyons, and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.
  • We at Butcher Bird premiered an 8 week live sci-fi series called Orbital Redux.
  • I climbed some cool routes and backpacked some cool places.
  • My buddy Snog visited and was introduced to the badass outdoor options in California
  • I finally bought 2 surfboards and am slowly learning to surf (a lifelong dream since childhood).
  • I’m converting part of the garage into a small stop-motion animation studio.
  • Season 4 of the G.O. Get Outside Podcast began (episode 75 landed a couple of days ago).

If any of that sounds moderately interesting, stay tuned for future posts.

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