Go Xombie! Go!

Some of you may be familiar with the animated Flash series Xombie. It is pretty popular at Newgrounds. I am a member of the mailing list and I received a very cool email today. Check it out:

From the Xombie Mailing List:
Hey guys.

An infinity of gratitude for all your patience during this 4 month period. Here’s a few quick answers to start things off. No I haven’t quit the show. No I haven’t died. (Yet) No I haven’t turned it over to anyone else. I’m still here, plugging away as usual. There have, however, been some major developments. Developments which I am now allowed to share with you, without the slightest possibility of being sued, severely beaten, or assassinated by an elite team of ninja lawyers. They have them. I’ve SEEN them.

So here goes.

The Xombie property has been optioned by actual, real-life Hollywood producers, who make actual real-life Hollywood movies. Which means, at long last, after almost a year of phone calls, contracts and trips to L.A., there will be a fully-animated Xombie movie. Let me say that again. A fully-animated Xombie movie. Let me say that again… It just feels so good to say it.

The movie itself has been in development for well over a year (as stated), and as of today, has finally gone into production with co-producer Wetsand Animation Studios at the helm. Pictures (yes, Xombie pictures) are actually being drawn at this very moment. By artists. Real ones.

As the production kicks into gear, you – the fans – will be granted access to Wetsand Animation Studios, where you can literally watch the movie being made! Check out the official production site at Xombie.ca. Soon you’ll be able to browse all the latest movie news, concept art, video diaries and more.


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