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Fourchinnigan Publications releases 12 Years Ill Spent and

LOS ANGELES, CA—10 September 2006—Fourchinnigan Publications releases two atrocities on an unsuspecting public: and 12 Years Ill Spent, Fourchinnigan’s first book. Some people spend their lives seeking a cure for cancer, fighting injustice, or chasing hot chicks. Fourchinnigan spends his time polluting the Earth with bad comics and scribbles he calls art. Witness the horrors he has unleashed over the last twelve years in his 184-page debut graphic novel, 12 Years Ill Spent. It showcases various short comics and comic strips created between the years 1994 and 2005. Included are: Post Mortem, Mister Fourchinnigan Arcs #1-7, Jacket Man #1-2, Miracle Explosion, Dweezlebwob 634, and more. The book is available online through Print-On-Demand company, Lulu and retails for US$13.95 and shipping. Find out more at is the online home of Fourchinnigan Publications. 12 Years Ill Spent and all future publications by Fourchinnigan will be available through Fourchinnigan Publications is the print division of Fourchinnigan Productions, found online at Fourchinnigan Publications specializes in illustrated fiction targeted at teens and adults. Future plans include children’s literature.

7 thoughts on “Book and Site Launch

  1. be_fish

    Jesus christ.
    You printed Jacket Man in a book.
    Btw – hey 🙂 I see you moved to California before I ever got my ass back down to Louisiana. Probably a smart call, really.

      1. be_fish

        Dad, husband, and professor. Which one is the most surprising? 😛
        I added you on AIM, btw. Why'd you make the move out west?

        1. Fourchinnigan Post author

          Congrats on all 3.
          I moved here to pursue work in the Entertainment world.
          The best I could accomplish in Baton Rouge was Channel 2 and I hated it there.
          Now I work for a comic book publisher and I am a puppeteer on the side.
          I've been out here for 5 years now. We graduated from Scotlandville 12 years ago.
          Time speeds by.


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