Riding Shotgun Debuts

Back in February, I was moved to a new department at work, the TP Digital department.
My new title became “Senior Motion Graphics Artist” and I am now responsible for creating what Tokyopop calls iManga.
Trying to describe what I do to people has been difficult and confusing for all parties involved.
Well, now you can go to Myspace and see for yourself.

Starting yesterday, TOKYOPOP TV debuted on Myspace TV.
Every Tuesday for the next four weeks, you can see my work on the Riding Shotgun iManga. I was (and still am) responsible for the direction and animation of each episode.
The fantastic coloring was all handled by my assistant, Kimie.
The story is a direct adaptation of the comic by Nathaniel Bowden and Tracy Yardley.

On Thursdays, be sure to check out the Bizenghast iManga done by my coworker, Kris.
He does some really nice stuff with the imagery of the series.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, you can see 3D CG versions of I Luv Halloween and A Midnight Opera. These were created in Hong Kong by a company named Menfound.

Enjoy (or don’t if that’s your preferences, punks).


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