Last Two Weekends

The last two weekends have been quite fun. Two Sundays ago, I spent 15 hours working on the TOKYOPOP Van Von Hunter videos at a small studio in Hollywood. That may not sound fun, but it was quite enjoyable, more-so than the other sets (few they may be) I have been on. The night ended with Tjalsma and I launching blood-drenched glitter into the air as the female lead pranced around in a red-assed monkey suit and the voice of the Prince of Persia stood amidst it all dressed in only boots, swords and a well-placed pop-up book. That’s good times, folks.

This past weekend I returned to the Altadena mine caves. I brought Al-Insan and Patrick along. On my prior trip, my claustrophobia forbid me enter one of the caves with a small constricting entrance. This time I defeated my fear and made my way inside the cave. As is often the case with irrational fears, after I did it, I found it wasn’t frightening at all.

Good times.

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