Cancun Part 1: Cenotes

Erika and I spent five days in Cancun. We stayed at a fairly nice resort, the Gran Caribe Real. It’s one of those places where a flat price gets you a bed, all-you-can-eat buffets, and non-stop drinks while you are a guest. It’s a bit like a cruise ship on land. Of the five days we were there, we only spent one day exclusively at the resort. We weren’t going to fly all the way to Cancun and not seek out adventure. Over the next few days I’ll post pictures and such from the trip. First up, Cenotes.

I’d never heard of a cenote prior to my trip and I am going to assume most of you haven’t either. A cenote is essentially a sinkhole filled with fresh water. They vary in size, appearance, depth, and awesomeness. They can be found all over the Yucatan. We visited two: one near Chichen Itza and another on our way to Coba. They were both fantastic for different reasons. The first was roughly 150 feet deep, surrounded by lush vegetation, and visible from the surface. The water felt great and there was a diving platform 15-20 feet above the water. It was the well-known and commercial of the two. The second was accessible via a thin cave entrance and only after participating in a Maya purification ceremony. It was somewhat secluded, located within the jungle.

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