Saving the Universe

Behold, this weekend I have solved the problem of global warming!
Tax breaks for rooftop gardens.

I have also solved the dilemma of youths purchasing online products without a credit card!
Banks, Paypal, whoever wants to make a lot of money should begin offering childrens’ accounts to parents already members of their organization. Automatically or at will, parents can deposit money into their child’s account. Attached to this account is a virtual debit card. Children (I’m mainly thinking teen and pre-teen) can use this virtual debit card to purchase items online. The card will be recognizable as a child’s card meaning no purchasing of porn, firearms, alcohol, and other fun things. The card is attached only to the child’s account, not the parent’s.

Were I a man with knowledge or interest in any of these industries, I would flit away and become very wealthy.
Instead I share these amazing ideas so that one of you (yes, you!) may become wealthy in my stead.
Godspeed lads and lassies!


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