Stand in Place (Step forward, then back)

The collective population surprised me last night. A black man can become president of the U.S. even when a large ill-informed portion of the populace paint him as a terrorist and spread unfounded fear and blatant lies. I hope that means people care more about leadership than race now. Last night made me proud of America. Last night made the world proud of America. Maybe we can stop being the playground bullies now.

Yet, the allegedly progressive part of the nation let me down. Proposition 8 passed, effectively rescinding the rights of gay people throughout California. Just over half of voting Californians decided not that gay marriage should continue to be illegal, but that it should once again become illegal. They voted to take away a group’s rights. Pore over that for a moment. A right wasn’t denied, it was taken away.

I was hoping last night would be two steps forward.
I guess I can settle for one.

One thought on “Stand in Place (Step forward, then back)

  1. paper_legends

    Don't worry, hon. Like with segregation, then desegregation, then re-segregation, then desegregation again, etc. etc., it'll take a while for the bigots to realize you can't catch cooties by drinking from the happily married queer drinking fountains…


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