A faltering economy, constant layoffs all around me, and my encroaching unemployment in April have had one very beneficial side-effect: I am motivated and inspired. I’ve been working like crazy on a variety of different things. I’ll post more about many of them as they develop, but I’m mostly keeping mum for now. One of those things is a new portfolio site. I haven’t had the chance to do one properly (hopefully that will happen before April), but I have really been needing to get my reels online. Thus, I threw together a new portfolio site that isn’t too terrible. It’s wonky and full of outdated work, but the reels are brand new and represent my video work over the last couple of years.

Have a moment to waste?
Stop by Chinnystyle and watch the reels.

On a side note, I also uploaded a few more of the old terrible movies we used to make in high school and college on the YouTube. Only about 30 more to go.

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