The Power of the Internet

When we were in Hawaii, I found a 4GB SD card on the Captain Cook Trail while hiking down to Kealakekua Bay. It was lying in the dirt along the edge of the trail twinkling in the sunlight. I picked up the lonely card and set it in my camera bag where it could socialize with my various SD cards. If there were any photos on it, I would try to hunt down its owner. The card had many photos on it—three months worth.

A few days ago, I sat down and scoured the photos for an hour looking for clues. The plan was to make a list of potentially useful clues and post them (alongside a few photos) here and on Facebook. I hoped people would share the posts and eventually the owner would find out and contact me. That was not necessary. Instead, using the clues in the photos and various Google searches, I was able to find a name and email address for one of the people in the photos. As of this morning, the card is in the mail on its way to its rightful family.

Sometimes the internet can be used for good.

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