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Illuminating Belle Like a Mechanic’s Shop

A few weeks ago, Erika decided she’d like to take some Belle cosplay photos before chopping off 13 inches of hair. She pulled together a number of props while I figured out what to do with my paltry lighting options. Using a couple of cheap and small Neewer LED lights and a monstrous worklight (something you’d use while repairing your car at night or Dexter might use to illuminate a kill scene), I struggled to find a way to light the scenes that would be pleasing. The worklight was extremely hot so I didn’t dare drape anything over it to diffuse the light and create a softer look. Perhaps, I could have bounced it off of the reflector I left in my closet or off of a wall. In the end, with a fair amount of fidgeting and angling, I was able to get some decent shots.