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I Am Yo-yo!

Back in October, I got together with three friends for what we called the Spec Weekend. Essentially we each directed four Spec Commercial spots. We helped out on each others shoots and shared the costs. Well, I finally cut my spot together and entered it in an online contest. Feel free to vote for it if you like it. Special thanks to Daniel Colmenares for the great photography and Rui Kyo for the badass performance.



Super Crush

About a week ago, we put together a short pitch for a web show at work. It features artwork of giant robots from one of our books mixed with keyed footage of few of us acting like ridiculous jack-asses. It is pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, I can’t post it, but that won’t stop me from showing off a few stills. Steven (my supervisor) had a fantastic idea. He had me nab one of the images we used for the video and use it to create a shirt featuring one of our coworkers who played the villain as his birthday was approaching and we knew he would love it. One of his scenes from the short features him saying “activate super crush.” Today, Steven called him to a conference room where seven of us sat waiting to presumably castigate him. Instead, we revealed that we were each wearing a shirt featuring him and gave him one of his own. He was so excited he ran around the office showing everyone and taking pictures of all of us. At this moment, he is probably sending links to all of his family and friends in Japan.

Get your own Super Crush shirt!