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Crystal Cove

Saturday, Erika and I tried to go snorkeling in Crystal Cove. The waters have been rough lately and this still seems to be the case. The undertow was extremely strong and the breaks were equally powerful. We thought it unwise to swim out to try to snorkel. Instead we played in the shallows and explored the beaches and coves. It’s a beautiful place.

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Earlier this month, I spent a lot of time hiking to natural bodies of water and leaping off of various rocks into the pools. Malibu Creek State Park has a nice pool surrounded by canyon walls you can leap off ranging from 15-50 feet (more if you don’t value your life). My highest leap was about 35 feet. There is a photo in this set of a few guys leaping from about 50 feet. I’d like to give that a try eventually, but the somewhat shallow water and nearby rock scared me off.

Another spot we hit was the Punchbowls in Ojai. Another natural pool you can leap into. Somewhere near where we swam is a natural waterfall you can slide down. I definitely want to return and find that.

More Water Leaping Photos