Unfortunate Fortunates

I saw Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events last night.
Great stuff. All around fun, clever, funny, imaginative, visually enticing stuff. Out of the two big kid’s movies last year, I enjoyed this best. Yes, I liked it better than The Incredibles. I’m sure the Cult of Pixar would disagree, but they long ago blinded themselves to the faults of many of Pixar’s movies. Incredibles while good, was vastly over-hyped. Snicket was vastly under-hyped. Go see it.


Unfortunate Fortunates — 3 Comments

  1. good movie
    I went to see it, with my sister a few weeks ago. We always go to see these sort of intresting movies togather. I quite enjoyed it as i expected too, though i can not compare to incredables as i have yet to see it..or the last 3 movies pixar has made.

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