Surreal Scandal

Today, JPOP teen girlie group Scandal was in the office. The band consists of four teen girls (although I think there may have been more than that in the office). They were dressed in Japanese School uniforms and accompanied by a videographer and a man I imagine must be their manager. Marco was showing them around the office and brought them to Media to view some music videos we have been working on. Rui, who is generally a shy otaku type, leapt into action. He was very eager to translate, explain our work procedures, and show examples. Multiple cute giggly school girls in uniform ignited his inner socialite. For me, the moment went from odd to surreal when they prepared to leave and turned to thank me. My desk is in a corner. I was surrounded by a wall of smiling exuberant school girls each staring me in the eye. In unison, they thanked me in Japanese and bowed. It was a moment from a perverse horror movie where a hackneyed male fantasy prepares to suddenly become a grotesque evisceration. Luckily, they left me intact and trotted off to their next destination.

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