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Video Avalanche

It’s been a busy year. With the holidays approaching, things are slowing a bit (although they may ramp up again in a week or so). This gives me a little time to finally update this neglected journal. Unfortunately, this post will primarily be another avalanche of videos I’ve worked on in the last few months. Hopefully, I’ll start adding some meatier content again soon.

I’ve shot a fair bit of GoPro footage this year, but only now have I edited any of it. Above is a video from the Foam Fest back in May. Hopefully I can throw together a couple more GoPro edits and the 2012 collective video in the next few weeks. In related news, I lost my GoPro Hero 2 camera (along with the LCD backpack, tripod mount, a monopod, and the footage) while canyoneering a couple of weeks ago.

Below is a recent video I directed, edited, and posted for Ubisoft and DeStorm Power. This was also our most recent Butcher Bird project.

There are several commercials I’ve worked on in the last few months, but they aren’t online yet. There is this one that I did for this year’s West Hollywood Book Fair. This is the third spot I’ve done for them.

There have been several Nexon videos over the last few months. I am particularly proud of the three part series we did for the Presidential Election. Brian Schmoyer handled the character animation of the three MapleStory characters. I handled the motion graphics, animated infographics, puppet show, backgrounds, and compositing. The third installment is embedded below followed by links to the first two.

MapleStory Election 1
MapleStory Election 2

Oh yeah, I moved into a new place in September.
That’s all for now.

Fighting the Desk Chair

Karl descends a fall in Rubio Canyon

Working from home brings many benefits yet poses several obstacles. Sure, there are inconsistent work and pay, but one that kills me frequently is something I will dub ‘Desk Chair Imprisonment.’ There are days I awake, walk a few steps to the office room, and sit at a computer for many hours —never stepping outside of my apartment. This is unacceptable and it is one of the detriments of self-employment I have yet to conquer. Sadly, today is one of those days.

Last spring was when I made the leap. I quit my job and pursued self-employment. Last year was a time of travel, copious climbing, backpacking trips, and other adventures. Moving into this year, I accepted it would not be the same. Growing and developing my businesses would have to be the priority. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is fighting procrastination, and other times it is embracing the need to get out of my house and do some fun shit.

Thankfully, I have been doing more fun stuff again lately. Within the last few weeks, I’ve taken a short I worked on called Delivery to a festival, ran the technical canyoneering route in Rubio Canyon again, participated in the Tough Mudder, hiked one of my favorite rock-hopping routes, rafted some whitewater in Kernville, and biked 24 miles down the beach. Thanks goodness summer is getting here, it is just the incentive I need to get out of this damn office chair.

Mud Run

The Mud Run was yesterday and it was great. It’s a 10K (6.2 miles) through a Marine training course coated in mud located in Camp Pendleton. Our team was the “TPOP Sloths” and our time was 1:39:49. The first half is mostly running with minimal obstacles and is kind of boring. Then, we hit the first Mud Pit and wall climb. From that point on, it was really fun. We swam across a shallow muddy river (the best part), crawled through tunnels, trudged through mud, climbed a slippery slope, and finished coated in mud. I just wish I had a camera for during the race. I’d love to do it again and I probably will do the Boot Camp Challenge in a few months. It’s all obstacles.

Click the image above and you can watch the cheesy video I threw together this morning.