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Today I am exhausted.

Yesterday, nearly a dozen of us from work took part in a manly activity called the Boot Camp Challenge. It took place at the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot in San Diego. Three mile run with obstacle courses along the way. We got to climb over walls, through tunnels, into foxholes and more. It was fun, but not nearly as physically taxing as the Mud Run we did earlier this year. It wore me out, but that isn’t why I am exhausted.

Last night, Erika and I passed out at 6:00 PM. We awoke 15 hours later. That is more sleep than I get during two nights. Too much sleep makes me exhausted, but I’m sure my body thanks me.

Mud Run

The Mud Run was yesterday and it was great. It’s a 10K (6.2 miles) through a Marine training course coated in mud located in Camp Pendleton. Our team was the “TPOP Sloths” and our time was 1:39:49. The first half is mostly running with minimal obstacles and is kind of boring. Then, we hit the first Mud Pit and wall climb. From that point on, it was really fun. We swam across a shallow muddy river (the best part), crawled through tunnels, trudged through mud, climbed a slippery slope, and finished coated in mud. I just wish I had a camera for during the race. I’d love to do it again and I probably will do the Boot Camp Challenge in a few months. It’s all obstacles.

Click the image above and you can watch the cheesy video I threw together this morning.