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It’s that time again—time for me to spam my journal with multitudinous videos showcasing recent work.

The video embedded above is one I am pretty proud of. It is a short trailer for a Facebook game called Zombie Misfits. I wrote and directed the live-action segments. The game team was nice enough to give me access to their animated game assets so I could modify them and composite them into the live-action footage. I also handled the color work and motion graphics. Steve Moreno did a great job of shooting the footage we needed so we could make a pretty cool commercial. The game is pretty fun too. If you like tower defense games, check it out.

Shelf Life is an ongoing comedy web series about disgruntled toys living on a tyrannical young boy’s shelf. I handled  the open and the credits. New episodes are going up every Tuesday for the next few weeks. Find out what your toys really thought about you.

Instead of embedding a crapload of videos in this post, the rest will be listed and linked to below:

Puppet PowerNick Veneroso and I helped my friend Mike shoot some puppet-making videos a while back. I also put together some of the motion graphics. You can see a sample video here or buy the series at the website.

Movember Guyde – I was responsible for animating the elements created by a graphic designer for Break’s Movember infographic.

MapleStory Legends Trailer – Motion Graphics & Cannoneer Animation
Sudden Attack Trailer – Motion Graphics
Wonder Cruise Trailer – Crooner Character Animation
MapleStory Cannoneer Audition – Visual Effects (first of three videos)
MapleStory Ascension Trailer – Motion Graphics

That’s most of the recent stuff. Back to work.

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