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I have been putting together a short children’s program for a few months now called “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” It’s an educational show about a young boy who lives in a land of illustrations and animated creatures. He constantly causes problems and has to remedy them, learning along the way. I’m creating a short (~15 min.) test/pilot I intend to shop around. The last few months have included writing, boarding, scheduling, and all of the other aspects of preproduction for a tiny no-budget short.

Last weekend, we finally shot it. With help from a few friends, we converted my living room and loft into a greenscreen studio. Erika’s nephew played the main role and we spent Saturday shooting. Luckily I was able to borrow a quality camera and a few P2 cards. The crew donated their time, as did the actors.

Steps left:
voice acting, illustrating, animating, editing, keying, compositing, scoring, outputting
I’m hoping to have it ready some time this summer.

Here’s to many more low-budget productions throughout the year.
Many thanks to all who have helped and will help.
I hope I am a tolerable director/producer.

Living Room Before and After Below:

7 thoughts on “Chinny Studios

    1. Fourchinnigan Post author

      I remember you mentioning you were interested in voice acting.
      I will be recording a number of voices for the animated characters soon.
      There may be a part(s) for you if you are interested.

      1. thesmallwonder

        You have an awesome memory πŸ™‚
        I'm absolutely interested!! I'm also up for doing multiple characters if you need it, all I ask is for credit and to be able to put it on my resume πŸ˜€ Thanks!!!
        Please feel free to e-mail me when you're ready to do voices!
        MissKatherineConnell at gmail dot com

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