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Enter The Marty

February 7th will be the three-year-anniversary of the Marty Mitchell shoot in my living room. Friday I completed the final tweaks and output of the last scene of the show. And it only took three years. Well, to be honest, it didn’t take three years, but it was stretched out over that time period. Thirteen and a half minutes of animated characters interacting with a live-action kid in animated worlds. Finally. Finished. Well, I am being a bit hasty. It isn’t truly finished. Ben Chan is currently scoring the soundtrack and we still need to review audio. Then. Then, it will truly be finished. Well, I’ll still have to output a master file, then create discs and compressed outputs, blahblahblah. But then. Then. Well, then, I need to screen it and maybe enter it in festivals and….


The “Light Teaser” is embedded above. Check it out and prepare yourself for the main event…coming soon (I hope).

3 Years in the Making

It has been nearly three years since we converted my living room into a makeshift greenscreen stage and shot the live-action footage I would need to create “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” Finally, it is almost done. My buddy, Ben is working on the sound design and music and I am tweaking the visuals. We are weeks away from a finished project. The video above is a short teaser. If you want to know more about the project, visit  ManyMaladies.com.

On an unrelated note, below are a few videos I worked on that went live recently:
Blabberbox 5
MapleStory Cannoneer Audition
MapleStory Mercedes Audition

It seems all I post about nowadays are video projects, sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll post on some other topics in the near future.

Mr. Meat and Freddy Foodstuff

Marty Motion

Fridge Landers

Last week was extremely productive. I spent nearly every free moment plowing through shots for my side project, The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell. If you aren’t familiar with it, please take a moment to visit ManyMaladies.com. Even if you are familiar with it, you may want to stop by the site as I have added copious images and character profiles. Marty Mitchell is essentially a short educational children’s video I have been working on (when possible) since February of 2009. I am hoping to finally finish it before the year ends. After last week, I am about 80% there.

I also made a few posters for Marty Mitchell featuring a few of the characters. You can see them by either visiting the Flickr page for Marty Mitchell or clicking the thumbnail images on the Character page of the Many Maladies site. Send your favorite character to a friend (or print it out and post it in your neighborhood).

Head Shots


Informational Drive-by

Freddy Foodstuff

I’ve been busy knocking out shots for Marty Mitchell. If you don’t know what that is, check out ManyMaladies.com. It’s a short kid’s show I shot in my living room two years ago and have been slowly compositing and animating. I am forcing myself to finish it this year. You can find out more, see images, videos, blah blah blah at the website.

The business I started with a few friends, Butcher Bird Studios, is officially an LLC and we finished another half-hour episode of Nexon’s Block Party Blabberbox. I’m hoping to update our website in the next week.

Erika and I attended the Red Rock Rendezvous, a climbing festival in Red Rock (near Vegas). It was great excepting the traffic to and from and the lackluster weather. The wind was ridiculous. I’m planning to go again next year.

Oh well, enough for now, back to stuff!

Chinny Studios

I have been putting together a short children’s program for a few months now called “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” It’s an educational show about a young boy who lives in a land of illustrations and animated creatures. He constantly causes problems and has to remedy them, learning along the way. I’m creating a short (~15 min.) test/pilot I intend to shop around. The last few months have included writing, boarding, scheduling, and all of the other aspects of preproduction for a tiny no-budget short.

Last weekend, we finally shot it. With help from a few friends, we converted my living room and loft into a greenscreen studio. Erika’s nephew played the main role and we spent Saturday shooting. Luckily I was able to borrow a quality camera and a few P2 cards. The crew donated their time, as did the actors.

Steps left:
voice acting, illustrating, animating, editing, keying, compositing, scoring, outputting
I’m hoping to have it ready some time this summer.

Here’s to many more low-budget productions throughout the year.
Many thanks to all who have helped and will help.
I hope I am a tolerable director/producer.

More Production Stills ahead