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Video Avalanche

It’s been a busy year. With the holidays approaching, things are slowing a bit (although they may ramp up again in a week or so). This gives me a little time to finally update this neglected journal. Unfortunately, this post will primarily be another avalanche of videos I’ve worked on in the last few months. Hopefully, I’ll start adding some meatier content again soon.

I’ve shot a fair bit of GoPro footage this year, but only now have I edited any of it. Above is a video from the Foam Fest back in May. Hopefully I can throw together a couple more GoPro edits and the 2012 collective video in the next few weeks. In related news, I lost my GoPro Hero 2 camera (along with the LCD backpack, tripod mount, a monopod, and the footage) while canyoneering a couple of weeks ago.

Below is a recent video I directed, edited, and posted for Ubisoft and DeStorm Power. This was also our most recent Butcher Bird project.

There are several commercials I’ve worked on in the last few months, but they aren’t online yet. There is this one that I did for this year’s West Hollywood Book Fair. This is the third spot I’ve done for them.

There have been several Nexon videos over the last few months. I am particularly proud of the three part series we did for the Presidential Election. Brian Schmoyer handled the character animation of the three MapleStory characters. I handled the motion graphics, animated infographics, puppet show, backgrounds, and compositing. The third installment is embedded below followed by links to the first two.

MapleStory Election 1
MapleStory Election 2

Oh yeah, I moved into a new place in September.
That’s all for now.

Momentarily Checking In

tahquitz climb

Because I’m such a great son, I’ve included the sorts of photos in this post that make my Mom nervous. (Don’t worry, I am attached to a rope in that top picture.)

Spring and Summer seem to appear from nowhere and fly past each year. This year seems to be no different. Although not as much as I’d like, I am getting myself outside a fair amount. The photo up top is from last week on Tahquitz on pitch two of “El Whampo.” I’m not leading trad yet, but I’m getting a decent bit of practice following. I’ve also been attending rolling sessions with a kayaking club and I am happy to say I can roll my kayak now. I haven’t tested it on a river yet, but maybe I’ll get a chance before the season is through. Since Hawaii, I ran in the 5K Foam Fest, canoed Black Canyon again, jumped off rocks in a few places, climbed rocks in others, ran a canyoneering route through Eaton Canyon (where I ended up helping out in a rescue), and returned to Yosemite. It’s good to see that typed out, it makes me feel like I haven’t been slacking as much as I have been.

yosemite lazing

I’ve included a few images from these various things in the gallery below. But, first, here are some links to a few projects I’ve been working on that have gone live recently:

The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell – a kids’ show made in my apartment
Infex Animated EBook – I was responsible for some of the animation
Maple Rising Star – animation
Blabberbox 6 – visual effects and motion graphics
MapleStory-Renegades: Jett – animation and motion graphics
MapleStory-Renegades: Phantom – motion graphics
Spiders Vs Scorpions – motion graphics, vfx, and color (all 3 eps)
ConnecTV Top Tweets – ESPYS – motion graphics
There are also a few local commercials on TV  I worked on that I haven’t seen online yet

Even More Videos

I received an interesting email in December. An ad agency in Northern California had seen my video Hesperia Swimstream on Vimeo. This is a video from the summer of 2010—a few months after I had purchased my first GoPro—where I played around with the camera for the first time underwater. This ad agency was creating a 2012 ad campaign for Coldwell Banker using footage from various sources featuring families enjoying their homes. They asked to license some of my footage and now Erika and a couple of her nephews are in a few national commercial spots.

Coldwell Banker: Kids
Coldwell Banker: Backyards
Coldwell Banker: 30 Second

I’ve also been working on a few local commercials with a company called The Agency. I was responsible for the graphics, animation, and compositing in the above commercial and the following commercials for CCA and Living Spaces.

CCA – Fitness Trainer
CCA –  Phlebotomist
CCA – Counselor

Living Spaces – Special Order
Living Spaces – Special Order (Spanish)

I squeezed in a few videos with my buddies at Nexon as well. Here are a few of them below.

MapleStory: Aliens (Character Animation & Titles)
Maple Love Story (Character Animation & Compositing)
MapleStory: Ellin Forest (Animation of Titles)

There are several other projects ongoing or recently completed I’ll hopefully be able to post (or at least mention) soon. For those of you sick of seeing these video/work-related posts, fear not! I’ll be posting about some recent outdoor excursions shortly.

Another Video Puke

It’s that time. More video posts!
Want to know what it is like to work with me? No. Well, watch the video above to find out anyway.

Here are a few other videos I contributed to with VFX and motion graphics:
MapleStory Demon Slayer Audition
Combat Arms: Belly of the Beast 

Combat Arms: Bunny Hopping – This one I directed

That’s enough of that.

3 Years in the Making

It has been nearly three years since we converted my living room into a makeshift greenscreen stage and shot the live-action footage I would need to create “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” Finally, it is almost done. My buddy, Ben is working on the sound design and music and I am tweaking the visuals. We are weeks away from a finished project. The video above is a short teaser. If you want to know more about the project, visit  ManyMaladies.com.

On an unrelated note, below are a few videos I worked on that went live recently:
Blabberbox 5
MapleStory Cannoneer Audition
MapleStory Mercedes Audition

It seems all I post about nowadays are video projects, sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll post on some other topics in the near future.

Mr. Meat and Freddy Foodstuff

Return from the Subway

Karl launches into Subway

I’m back from Utah. Karl, of Extreme Things, and I were doing a bit of canyoneering through the Left Fork of the Virgin River—a route called Subway. It’s a great slot canyon with a few rappels, squeezes, and swims. We added a bit of extra adventure to our trip by accidentally entering the canyon too soon adding four rappels to the hike. The adventure compounded when we realized a few members of an inexperienced group of ten had followed us down and were stranded on a ledge 35 feet above the canyon floor.  Karl ascended our rope, built them harnesses from webbing, and I belayed them down to safety. The next several hours were filled with awesome canyoneering and a bit of babysitting as we helped the group navigate the more technical obstacles. I, of course, brought along the GoPro and intend to post a video and more in-depth trip report later.

A couple of videos I directed recently are also online now. The first is this year’s commercial for the West Hollywood Book Fair. The second is one of three Combat Arms shorts we at Butcher Bird Studios  did for Nexon earlier this summer. The other two should hopefully be completed soon.

Video Blast

This has been a busy month. I had two big back-to-back projects that have both come to completion. Last night brought the conclusion of a video for the Guardian Project that will air Sunday at the NHL All Star game and during the television broadcast. I was responsible for some of the compositing for that enormous project. Above are a few videos we at Butcher Bird Studios produced for Nexon in December and January.