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Work Update – Life Aint All Rocks & Jumps

The video above is probably my favorite of all of the game trailers Luis and I have put together. The great background illustrations were done by Jennifer Whitney. Below are a few things I worked on earlier this year or late last year.

A couple of Nerdist projects where I handled effects and/or graphics:
DUO - Tinder for Superheroes
Dragonball Xenoverse - Going Super Saiyan in the office
Doogie Howser Rebooted – I put a bunch of graphics together

More Gamevil game trailers:
Dragon Blaze
Dungeon Link – We also did a few in-game animations for this in addition to this video.

A concept video for Brainitch – screen composites and other effects.

Also a thing for Ticketmaster:
Access Granted – A web-series. I handled the logo, open, and all graphics.

And finally, a trip back in time to clean up that holocaust mess:

Dragging Feet Stop Dragging

For over three years, I have been dragging ass getting my portfolio and reels updated. Occasionally, I would get a request to see my reel and I would dread having to give the “sure, but it hasn’t been updated in three years” response. Now, I don’t have to anymore. I have not only updated my reels, but also completely redesigned the site and portfolio elements. See the new site at chinnystyle.com.

I also embedded my general and director reels in this post.

Another Video Puke

It’s that time. More video posts!
Want to know what it is like to work with me? No. Well, watch the video above to find out anyway.

Here are a few other videos I contributed to with VFX and motion graphics:
MapleStory Demon Slayer Audition
Combat Arms: Belly of the Beast 

Combat Arms: Bunny Hopping – This one I directed

That’s enough of that.

Skeet Skeet Skeet

It’s that time again—time for me to spam my journal with multitudinous videos showcasing recent work.

The video embedded above is one I am pretty proud of. It is a short trailer for a Facebook game called Zombie Misfits. I wrote and directed the live-action segments. The game team was nice enough to give me access to their animated game assets so I could modify them and composite them into the live-action footage. I also handled the color work and motion graphics. Steve Moreno did a great job of shooting the footage we needed so we could make a pretty cool commercial. The game is pretty fun too. If you like tower defense games, check it out.

Shelf Life is an ongoing comedy web series about disgruntled toys living on a tyrannical young boy’s shelf. I handled  the open and the credits. New episodes are going up every Tuesday for the next few weeks. Find out what your toys really thought about you.

Instead of embedding a crapload of videos in this post, the rest will be listed and linked to below:

Puppet PowerNick Veneroso and I helped my friend Mike shoot some puppet-making videos a while back. I also put together some of the motion graphics. You can see a sample video here or buy the series at the website.

Movember Guyde – I was responsible for animating the elements created by a graphic designer for Break’s Movember infographic.

MapleStory Legends Trailer – Motion Graphics & Cannoneer Animation
Sudden Attack Trailer – Motion Graphics
Wonder Cruise Trailer – Crooner Character Animation
MapleStory Cannoneer Audition – Visual Effects (first of three videos)
MapleStory Ascension Trailer – Motion Graphics

That’s most of the recent stuff. Back to work.

Gyakushu Goes Live

Gyakushu Title

One of my jobs during my days at TOKYOPOP was directing Motion Comics (then called iManga). Riding Shotgun and I Luv Halloween were both released shortly after completion. My favorite of the projects was Gyakushu. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it was never released. Thankfully, that has changed. It has been over two years since we completed it, but the Motion Comic version of Dan Hipp’s book is finally online at Hulu.

Marty Preview + Website

We may have finished shooting The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell over a year ago, but I have only begun to do the time-sucking post-production work. I anticipate the final product running roughly fifteen minutes. Well, I have recently completed the first minute! It is online for everyone to watch and rebuke. That’s the video embedded above if you haven’t been paying attention.

I also decided one minute of footage must be enough content for an entire website to be built around. Sound reasoning, right? Visit ManyMaladies.com and you can follow the Marty Mitchell production blog as I slog my way through completion.

On an unrelated note, the movie that engulfed two years of my life at TOKYOPOP is online at Hulu. I was responsible for almost all of the motion graphics and visual effects. I also had a belligerent bit part as an actor. If you have two hours to lose, check out Van Von Hunter. You will never be the same!

Stopping By

Don't you recognize leaves?

I’m still kicking. One of the things keeping me busy lately is toying around with DSLR cameras for photos and video. Expect to see a short soon called "Delivery" shot on a Canon 7D. I’ve also helped some friends with a couple of other 7D shoots and motion graphics. The big news: Thanks to my tax return I was able to buy a lower end digital camera with interchangeable lens options and full HD video capabilities. I have been spending some of my free time lately testing out my new Panasonic GH1. Some of the photos can be seen in an album on my Facebook page. I have also ordered a little camera I am very excited about, the Go Pro HD Helmet Cam. Weather and USPS permitting, I’ll get to try it out this weekend rock climbing in Chatsworth. I look forward to taking that little thing down waterfalls, diving, trapeze-ing, and anywhere else I can.

I’m done with the VFX for "Silver Moon." Travis is wrapping up its loose ends and it will be online very soon. Fan it on Facebook if you use that site. I’ve finally started editing my first "I Am Yo-yo" Duncan spec spot. That should be completed soon. "Marty Mitchell" is still sitting in the wings, but I plan to start working on its open right after. If you have ever been curious what some of the videos I put together at work look like, you can check out a YouTube playlist I’ve compiled with some of that work. I’ve embedded the Book Trailer I put together for the "Shutter Island" Graphic Novel below.

I’ll be going to small claims court in April to attempt to bring justice down upon the chick that lied about our car accident last year. Calcote was kind enough to serve her at her office last week for me. Blood work from my allergist claims I am only allergic to dogs, cats, and cockroaches. My lifelong sinus problems and itchiness tell me otherwise. I’ve been on a few hikes recently and I am really looking forward to an exciting March filled with canyoneering, trapeze, Death Valley, and whatever else I can fit in. The West Coast Trail in British Columbia is looking like a definite possibility this summer. I will need to start planning soon if that is going to be a reality.

Well, that takes the two of you interested up to speed. See ya.

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