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Work Update – Life Aint All Rocks & Jumps

The video above is probably my favorite of all of the game trailers Luis and I have put together. The great background illustrations were done by Jennifer Whitney. Below are a few things I worked on earlier this year or late last year.

A couple of Nerdist projects where I handled effects and/or graphics:
DUO - Tinder for Superheroes
Dragonball Xenoverse - Going Super Saiyan in the office
Doogie Howser Rebooted – I put a bunch of graphics together

More Gamevil game trailers:
Dragon Blaze
Dungeon Link – We also did a few in-game animations for this in addition to this video.

A concept video for Brainitch – screen composites and other effects.

Also a thing for Ticketmaster:
Access Granted – A web-series. I handled the logo, open, and all graphics.

And finally, a trip back in time to clean up that holocaust mess:

Dragging Feet Stop Dragging

For over three years, I have been dragging ass getting my portfolio and reels updated. Occasionally, I would get a request to see my reel and I would dread having to give the “sure, but it hasn’t been updated in three years” response. Now, I don’t have to anymore. I have not only updated my reels, but also completely redesigned the site and portfolio elements. See the new site at chinnystyle.com.

I also embedded my general and director reels in this post.

Video Avalanche

It’s been a busy year. With the holidays approaching, things are slowing a bit (although they may ramp up again in a week or so). This gives me a little time to finally update this neglected journal. Unfortunately, this post will primarily be another avalanche of videos I’ve worked on in the last few months. Hopefully, I’ll start adding some meatier content again soon.

I’ve shot a fair bit of GoPro footage this year, but only now have I edited any of it. Above is a video from the Foam Fest back in May. Hopefully I can throw together a couple more GoPro edits and the 2012 collective video in the next few weeks. In related news, I lost my GoPro Hero 2 camera (along with the LCD backpack, tripod mount, a monopod, and the footage) while canyoneering a couple of weeks ago.

Below is a recent video I directed, edited, and posted for Ubisoft and DeStorm Power. This was also our most recent Butcher Bird project.

There are several commercials I’ve worked on in the last few months, but they aren’t online yet. There is this one that I did for this year’s West Hollywood Book Fair. This is the third spot I’ve done for them.

There have been several Nexon videos over the last few months. I am particularly proud of the three part series we did for the Presidential Election. Brian Schmoyer handled the character animation of the three MapleStory characters. I handled the motion graphics, animated infographics, puppet show, backgrounds, and compositing. The third installment is embedded below followed by links to the first two.

MapleStory Election 1
MapleStory Election 2

Oh yeah, I moved into a new place in September.
That’s all for now.

Enter The Marty

February 7th will be the three-year-anniversary of the Marty Mitchell shoot in my living room. Friday I completed the final tweaks and output of the last scene of the show. And it only took three years. Well, to be honest, it didn’t take three years, but it was stretched out over that time period. Thirteen and a half minutes of animated characters interacting with a live-action kid in animated worlds. Finally. Finished. Well, I am being a bit hasty. It isn’t truly finished. Ben Chan is currently scoring the soundtrack and we still need to review audio. Then. Then, it will truly be finished. Well, I’ll still have to output a master file, then create discs and compressed outputs, blahblahblah. But then. Then. Well, then, I need to screen it and maybe enter it in festivals and….


The “Light Teaser” is embedded above. Check it out and prepare yourself for the main event…coming soon (I hope).

3 Years in the Making

It has been nearly three years since we converted my living room into a makeshift greenscreen stage and shot the live-action footage I would need to create “The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell.” Finally, it is almost done. My buddy, Ben is working on the sound design and music and I am tweaking the visuals. We are weeks away from a finished project. The video above is a short teaser. If you want to know more about the project, visit  ManyMaladies.com.

On an unrelated note, below are a few videos I worked on that went live recently:
Blabberbox 5
MapleStory Cannoneer Audition
MapleStory Mercedes Audition

It seems all I post about nowadays are video projects, sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll post on some other topics in the near future.

Mr. Meat and Freddy Foodstuff

Skeet Skeet Skeet

It’s that time again—time for me to spam my journal with multitudinous videos showcasing recent work.

The video embedded above is one I am pretty proud of. It is a short trailer for a Facebook game called Zombie Misfits. I wrote and directed the live-action segments. The game team was nice enough to give me access to their animated game assets so I could modify them and composite them into the live-action footage. I also handled the color work and motion graphics. Steve Moreno did a great job of shooting the footage we needed so we could make a pretty cool commercial. The game is pretty fun too. If you like tower defense games, check it out.

Shelf Life is an ongoing comedy web series about disgruntled toys living on a tyrannical young boy’s shelf. I handled  the open and the credits. New episodes are going up every Tuesday for the next few weeks. Find out what your toys really thought about you.

Instead of embedding a crapload of videos in this post, the rest will be listed and linked to below:

Puppet PowerNick Veneroso and I helped my friend Mike shoot some puppet-making videos a while back. I also put together some of the motion graphics. You can see a sample video here or buy the series at the website.

Movember Guyde – I was responsible for animating the elements created by a graphic designer for Break’s Movember infographic.

MapleStory Legends Trailer – Motion Graphics & Cannoneer Animation
Sudden Attack Trailer – Motion Graphics
Wonder Cruise Trailer – Crooner Character Animation
MapleStory Cannoneer Audition – Visual Effects (first of three videos)
MapleStory Ascension Trailer – Motion Graphics

That’s most of the recent stuff. Back to work.

Marty Motion

Fridge Landers

Last week was extremely productive. I spent nearly every free moment plowing through shots for my side project, The Many Maladies of Marty Mitchell. If you aren’t familiar with it, please take a moment to visit ManyMaladies.com. Even if you are familiar with it, you may want to stop by the site as I have added copious images and character profiles. Marty Mitchell is essentially a short educational children’s video I have been working on (when possible) since February of 2009. I am hoping to finally finish it before the year ends. After last week, I am about 80% there.

I also made a few posters for Marty Mitchell featuring a few of the characters. You can see them by either visiting the Flickr page for Marty Mitchell or clicking the thumbnail images on the Character page of the Many Maladies site. Send your favorite character to a friend (or print it out and post it in your neighborhood).

Head Shots